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Wilderness Camp



Wilderness Campbible and fire copy



  - - Wilderness Camp Price $299 - -

(The pricing is the same for both age groups)

Scholarship Program Details


     - June 20 - 25 - Junior Resident 1 / Teen Wilderness 1

     - June 27 - July 2  - Teen Resident 1 / Junior Wilderness 1

     - July  11 - 16  - Junior Resident 2 / Teen Wilderness 2

     - July 18 - 23  - Teen Resident 2 / Junior Wilderness 2

Registration is 2:00 - 4:00pm on Monday for each week of Camp
Departure is by 10:00am on Saturday for each week of Camp


"Follow Our Leader"

Matthew 16: 1-28


 First we dropped the Air Conditioning, then we got rid of the electricity and the indoor plumbing.

Don’t worry, we kept the food and the fun!


Let me tell you a bit about WILDERNESS CAMP.  It is located on the grounds of Whispering Winds Bible Camp, yet it is remote enough to feel like you are in the wilderness!  It's in a very scenic area above the obstacle course with a grand view. 

The area is rough, yet we have cleared a network of trails all around the property.  There is a good sized camp site all ready to go.  Since we will be in the woods, be prepared for ticks, chiggers, and poison ivy.  While we are trying to "rough it" we're not trying to make life miserable, so we do have a relatively comfortable outhouse. 

What will your day consist of?  I'm glad that you asked!  Camp will be experiential.  That means you will be involved in most of the things that go on.  You'll help with meal preparation and clean up, you'll be learning some basic camping/survival skills, you'll be learning to work as a group, and we believe that you will have FUN!  In addition, we'll have the other things that make up camp: devotions, singing, camp pastor and missionary, Bible Memory Time, and lots of fun activities.  You will have the opportunity to do some things that resident campers won't do!  Can you handle that? 

This year our theme is “Follow Our Leader”.  We will learn how to follow the example of Jesus and seek a closer relationship with Him.  Our speakers will focus on that theme and our activities will also relate to it. 

The Bible Memory Time verses will be Matthew 16: 1-28.  Verses may be memorized from the King James, New King James, New American Standard, New International, or English Standard Versions.  You will need your own Bible in that version for Bible Memory Time.  Work on it ahead as there will also be time set aside each day to say the verses.


Wilderness Camp is about helping you appreciate all the things you take for granted every day.
It is an adventure, and it’s like nothing else around.
Experience God and His creation with us this summer!



What to Bring

-Bible and pen
-Clothing that complies with the dress standard
-Bedding and pillow,
-Toiletries, towels

-Swim suit
-2 Pairs of shoes
-1 Pair of shoes that can get wet
-1 Dark colored outfit that can get wet or dirty, flashlight, eyeglass safety strap, snack shop and missionary offering money
-FOR Paintball bring long sleeves, long pans and shoes.
-Please label belongings
-All Wilderness Camp program participants will receive a special packing list

Please Do Not Bring
-Personal electronic devices (games, cell phones, audio equipment)
-Unbecoming language
-Illegal Drugs


Dress Standard

We have the right to ask any camper to change clothes if they do not comply with our dress standard. These are the standards that we have adopted for our week together, and we ask for your participation, as parents, to encourage and insist that your camper comes prepared.

Modest t-shirts  are preferred; sleeveless shirts are acceptable as long as they have not been altered past the hem of the sleeve.  No tank tops, spaghetti straps, low-cut, or tight-fitting shirts are allowed.

Clothing must not display or promote alcohol, tobacco, vulgarity or secular bands.

Bottom / Swim:
Shorts must reach a minimum length of mid to lower thigh for both genders. Girls, please use a modest one-piece style swimsuit, guys please use boxer-style trunks. Please choose dark colored shirts for swim apparel.

Friday Night Optional Dress Up:
Dresses must be knee-length at a minimum.  Our standards for Tops also applies to dresses (so, girls, you may want to consider bringing a cardigan, or a shrug (half coat) to cover up straps that do not meet the standard.

Shoes are required at ALL times (except when in bed). Flip-Flops are NOT acceptable swim footwear. Sturdy shoes are required for some activities.

Additional Information

Camper Contact

Campers do not have access to the phone or computers.
You may email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please put your child’s name on the subject line.

Do not e-mail cards, photos or animation.

Lost and Found.

Lost and found items will be kept for 2 weeks. Requested items will be shipped at your cost.


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Either call us at 1.800.748.7410


email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Download this file (BIM_STANDARDS.pdf)BIM_STANDARDS.pdf[Our Dress Standards]367 Kb
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