Wilderness Camp

If you like more outdoors in your camp experience, then this is the camp for you!

Wilderness camp provides a more laid back atmosphere where we spend the week cooking and eating outside, bathing in the creek and sleeping in rough shelters.  Both Junior and Teen campers get to enjoy a canoe trip and many other fun activities.  Amidst all the activities we still take time to worship God each day through singing, devotions, Bible memory and studying the Word with our camp pastor and missionary speaker.  Campers should be prepared to spend the week outdoors replacing luxuries like air-conditioning for learning some basic camping/ survival skills.  Surrounded by the beauty that God created, we will learn how to follow the example of Jesus and seek a closer relationship with Him.

There is limited space available, so Register Now! Register before June 1st to receive an early bird discount.

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What to Bring 

Dress Standard


Junior Camp Ages 10-13

Teen Camp Ages 13-19

Wilderness Camp Price: $299 (all ages)

Scholarship Program Details

Other discounts


-July 6-11 – Junior Resident 1 and Teen Wilderness 1

-July 13-18 – Teen Resident 1 and Junior Wilderness 1

-July 20-25 – Junior Resident 2 and Teen Wilderness 2

-July 27-August 1 – Teen Resident 2 and Outdoor week (Canoe Camp)

*Registration is 2 – 4pm on Monday for each week of camp.

*Departure is BY 10am on Saturday for each week of camp.



Follow Our Leader


Matthew 16: 1-28, Philippians 2:1-13 – Each camper will need their own Bible in one of these approved versions for Bible memory time.  Feel free to work ahead. Verses may be memorized in KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, ESV.


Camper Contact:

Campers do not have access to the phone or computers.
You may email them at campermail@bibleimpact.org 
and we will print it out and deliver it to them.
Please put your child’s name on the subject line.

Do not e-mail cards, photos or animation.

Lost and Found.

-Lost and found items will be kept for 2 weeks.

-Requested items will be shipped at your cost.  

-Please contact us by phone (573) 265-7445 or email: info@bibleimpact.org

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