Our Board

Our Board is composed of Men who have good reputations as leaders in their jobs and communities. They are each actively involved both in their local church and this ministry. Much of who we are today is because of their tireless devotion to the work of God through this ministry.

We learned about Bible Impact Ministries in the early 1990s, when I served as Pastor at a church that supported the Clarks and Hudsons. In 2009, our children began attending WWBC and serving on Camp Crew. I have enjoyed speaking at Resident, Wilderness, and Canoe Camp, and I have been on the Board of BIM since 2015.

We came to Eureka Bible Church in 2009, after serving Bible Church pastorates in Indiana, Michigan and Iowa. Our ministry here includes Biblical Counseling, Nursing Home, and Bible Studies adapted to meet the needs of those who attend. I also serve as Adjunct Professor of Theology at Brookes Bible College.

Carolyn and I have been happily married for 32 years; we have been blessed with seven children; two are married, and two are still being homeschooled. Our family enjoys camping, hospitality, and the local church. My hobbies include woodworking, canoeing, fishing, and reading. We are grateful for the effect of God’s Word in our own lives and eager to see the same in the lives of others.

Jim Brown

Dave Carlson

I live in Prescott, Iowa not Arizona. I came on the board in August 2017 but have sent our own children and brought other kids to camp since 2007. I have only volunteered to help at camp(mowing etc.) since 2016. I am a retired pastor since June 2017. We have 7 children ranging in ages from 37 to 18. Only the youngest three have been involved at camp since we moved to Illinois August of 2005. My hobbies are just working around the house. The sports I used to play(Tennis, basketball, volleyball) aren’t much of an option since my knees started to go in 2013. This last year I have had both replaced and that has gone well. But as a little surgeons assistant said to me in 2014; “you know if you have arthritis in one place you probably have it all over”; has turned out to be true. I feel it especially in my back and feet.

My wife Emily and I live in Mendon, IL.  We have been married for nearly 18 years and have three Kids – Becca 12 Drew 11, and Zach forever 6.

2018 is the start of my 8th year on the board at BIM.  We started bringing our youth group kids down to Whispering Winds about 14 years ago.  Our pastor at the time met the BIM director at an IFCA event and he became very interested is seeing teens from Sutter Salem Bible Church attend camp.  Before then, the church was not really promoting camp ministry.  For ministry involvement, I have been part in Work Weeks, Counselor for camp and retreats, board member, various Maintenance work, dishes, Music, Family Camp, and Labor Day Celebration. 

My profession is Mechanical Engineer, but I have moved from that over the last 5 to 7 years to being production manager of sheet metal fabrication and machining for GatesAir. For hobbies, I really like to take the kids camping and take Drew hunting.

Ben Robinson

Robert Stickler

Joined the board January 2019.

My family and I live in Southeastern KS, close to Erie. I attended RBC camp when I was a teenager. This was when the camp was still in KS and before it turn into BIM. I joined the BIM board in late 2016 and have been involved with BIM/Whispering Winds since around 2004 when my son started attending camp. Since that time we have been involved with work weeks and attended or help with a number of the different camps. We usually try to make it over for Labor Day camp as a family and enjoy the time and fellowship with friends.  My full time job is farming and my hobbies would be hunting, fishing and sports.

Dave Yarnell

Robert Varner

joined the Board January 2020.