Summer Employment

Long hours, little pay and working with people who sometimes just won’t get it, might sound like a job description to avoid. BUT then the upsides kick in:

The opportunity to leave an impact, a chance to affect someone for the rest of their life.

Sound like an amazing summer job yet?

When working at Whispering Winds Bible Camp, at the end of the day, you know that you have had an impact in the lives of others. The kids that come through our camp become the leaders of tomorrow, and we are offering you a chance to help them get there.

We train our summer staff with many hours of extensive, in depth, point blank, hands on learning. We even have experienced leaders to help you grow through the times training just cannot cover.

But we can only build on a foundation you have started.

We are looking for young men and women who:

– Have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ
– Love God’s Word
– Love kids

We are looking for:

Counselors (min. 18 years old)
– Your focus is on the kids in your cabin, from the moment they arrive, until they leave.
– This means you are up before them and in bed after them.
– This means you are the one who enforces the standards set by the full time staff.
– This also means you must accompany your kids wherever they might roam (sorry, this means we require that you go canoeing, wall climbing and more… heartbreaking, we know.)

Camp Crew (min. 14 years old)
– Your focus is distraction removal. When everything from food preparation, to lawn care, to facility cleanliness comes together as it should, distractions are removed, distractions that would otherwise take the camper’s attention off their primary focus: Christ.

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