What is Super Saturday?

Think of it as "Camp for a day". You will do many of the same types of activities that you would at Whispering Winds Bible Camp, but only for one Saturday. There will be plenty of fun with various game and initiatives, but also times of worshiping God through singing and studying His word. It is a good way to get a "taste" of what Camp is like. Please contact us if you are interested in coming to one of the events listed, or if your church would be interested in hosting a Super Saturday.
This fall we will have two Super Saturdays, the first on Oct 20, 2018, hosted by Northridge Church (Sabetha, KS) held in Humboldt, NE. The second is on Nov 3rd held in Steelville, MO (near camp).

Sign up for Super Saturday!

Registration: 9:00-9:30 am.
Pickup: 4:00 pm
Cost: $5/person
Bring a Sack Lunch - Drinks will be provided.


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